Monday, April 1, 2013


Hey folks. I don't know if anyone out in the world has been checking out this blog and wondering what was going on but if so I'm sorry for the unreasonable hiatus. I've had A LOT going on.

Some of it personal stuff I don't want to get into here but here's the big stuff.

1. Working my normal jobs has sucked A TON of life out of me and it's been really hard to draw. So much so that I'm working on leaving both. I've got something in the works and if I can get that job I'll leave both of the ones I'm in now. I DO NOT want to continue much longer as I am.

2. I got a VERY rude post on another site about two months ago now. It sent me into a tailspin of self doubt for a couple of days even while I was doing something about it. I admittedly let it effect me far more than it should have and it killed a lot of my willingness to work on personal work. It caused something else, however, that leads to point 3.

3. I started a new blog to improve my figure drawing and some other skills. The blog is called
 Go Figure  and you should TOTALLY check it out. It's sort of like a digital sketchbook for artistic development, primarily with one of my weaker areas, drawing the figure. It's been good for me and helped me improve but it's taken the focus away from this place. I'm working on changing that again.

4. There's a group I've been working with called Danger Schmanger. They're a pretty awesome group that are dedicated to improving St. Louis (my hometown) through T-Shirts and activism. Pretty cool right? Anyway check them out at their facebook page: HERE. I've been doing a lot of work for them (so they're technically my first client. Note to self I need to make a client list page) but stuff that is so drastically different from my normal stuff I don't really want to post it here. Though I will say it's great to be out of my comfort zone. You can see the infographic I designed for them at their website: HERE. And while you're at it buy a T-Shirt or twenty.

Alright enough excuses. You came here to see pictures. I don't have any of those to show off, at least, none that are finished. However, I've got thumbnails. Stuff that's going to be worked on soon.

We're going to start with someone you might remember. A Kappa. I was NEVER satisfied with the image. Design or compositionally. So I decided that it gets a redo (reboots are all the rage). 

You all remember Oberra right? I know she's only one of my favorite OC's to talk about but I don't feel my last image did her justice. I've decided she's going to be the vessel for me practicing for that battle scene I want with lots of figures. I'm going to use her to show the moment after a battle. Yeah, she kicked ALOT of fanny here. Going to have to draw each character individually and composite this together. So it will take a while but it'll be worth it. Essentially a reboot in the making for the first Oberra piece in my gallery. 

I know this doesn't look like much yet (it's a thumbnail) but It's a dream walker. My idea is someone who uses technology to travel into someone's dreams and help them with psychological problems. So some Sci-Fantasy stuff. 

This one isn't as much a thumbnail as a preparatory sketch. I've always called art a type of magic and a mage that played off of that concept has always been interesting to me so I wanted to play with the concept. After spending almost two months on NOTHING BUT FIGURE DRAWING, I think I'm ready to tackle the concept at last. Head needs a bit of work (a slight enlargement I think) but I think it's just about ready. 

Wow that was a lot. Sorry for the really long post but I promise, more and shorter posts coming. Catch ya later.