Monday, May 27, 2013

Here there be Dragons

Can you tell I'm trying to make up for a long absence? I needed to remind myself how to paint a bit since it's been so long since I actually got my hands dirty and here's what I did as a reminder.

Admittedly, it's not super awesome but as a reminder it did what it was supposed to do and I'm actually quite glad I did it. Though I admit to not being able to resist a couple of minor digital touch ups here and there. 

Chainbreaker Angel

Since we're getting back into the swing of things around here I thought I'd do a couple of posts detailing what's currently being developed. I've got three pieces going and one that's finished and I'll share a little bit later.

First up though is a piece I'm working on that'll be the third and final piece I need to enter a contest I've known about for years but finally have the guts to go ahead and do it. It's called Chainbreaker Angel

I've got high hopes for this guy. The anatomy feels like some of my strongest and it fits the 
science-ficion theme of the contest. Admittedly it's straddling the line a bit I think but the piece looks enough like a techno-organic hybrid I think it'll qualify. More than that though this piece was started as kind of a celebration of my coming out of a pretty bad depression. The pencil drawing isn't quite as tight as I normally like but I'm less worried about that than usual for some reason. Call it youthful optimism. 

Check back to see this one when he's done. 

Bowen Redux

Hey guys, how's it going? Another long gap between posts but I hope that's going to change soon. I've got multiple things in the works and I'm looking forward to sharing them. The practice studies are coming along and creating improvement and I'm slowly reaching a point where I feel like I can start shopping work around without feeling grotesquely embarrassed. I'm even getting my hands dirty again and doing some real world painting. I was beginning to forget how much I missed having actual PHYSICAL art sitting around my room. Anyway, here's a color comp for one of the acrylic pieces I've got planned.

But first a bit of history. Who remembers this guy?

That was Bowen, a personal planeswalker of mine that admittedly, was okay at the time of his creation but I'm no longer satisfied with him. However, someone on Deviant art liked him and wanted to use him as a proxy planeswalker. Problem is that this horizontal piece doesn't really work for the Planeswalker card frame as Wizards of the Coast uses it. He ended up having to stretch it and make it look... well uglier than it already was. I decided to try and do something about that so I can have a better piece for my portfolio AND so this guy can have a nice looking planeswalker. 

Here's the color sketch for it. 

I feel a lot better about numerous things with this Bowen. Everything from the pose to the anatomy to the color scheme feels better than last time. I've got the underpainting done IRL and I'll start putting paint on him soon. I look forward to sharing him with you all when he's finished.