Friday, June 28, 2013

Business cards

Well as I said I'm working on promotional stuff and part of that is business cards. The hard part for this is selecting an image. I decided to crop one of my best images: my sea serpent but I can't decide whether to use the color version or the black and white. Here they are side by side.

I could use some help making the final decision on which of these becomes my new business card. This is the first impression people are going to have of my work so I'd like it to be a good one. Let me know your thoughts. Also, if you think a different image would be better please let me know. 

I really can't leave well enough alone. Deciding that perhaps I should play some more before deciding on a final card I ended up with two more ideas. 

And thus the indecisiveness continues. I like both of these in that they play a little better to people's initial ideas about what a business card looks like... which is also why I dislike them. They feel too safe.  I could, and probably should, play with text placement some more first but I'm tired, pulling out my hair and needed to be in bed 2 hours ago. 

Okay I'm really going to bed now I promise. Monkeyed with the text on the angel and the Centaur cards. 

Okay, going to bed for real now. 

Monday, June 17, 2013

New Portfolio

Alright, the time has come. I'm planning on putting the final portfolio together before I send out my new stuff to start looking for work. Here are the images that will go into this and any promotional material I send out. Let me know if you think anything isn't up to par or needs to be removed.

That's ten images in the order I plan on presenting them. I'm curious to see how people react so let me know if there are any images you think aren't strong enough, any images you think should be here that aren't or anything that could be changed in the ordering of them. 

Friday, June 7, 2013

Chain Breaker Angel Completed

I can't help it, this one makes me grin a little bit. I started this piece to celebrate something and it felt wonderful to make art from that place. Not from just wanting to, not from a need for a portfolio piece, but from just being HAPPY. I'd been suffering from a bit of depression from a job I absolutely hated and when I quit it felt like the smoke just kind of cleared and this piece started to form. I'd like to use it for a science fiction contest I wanted to enter... but I'm not sure it's overtly Sci-Fi enough. I need to think on it. 

I'll admit, this one's also a bit of a self portrait.

Also, those wings were a nightmare to paint. 


So I wanted a few fantasy tropes in my portfolio I don't have yet. One of them is the femme fatale but since I can't do just that I decided on an assassin. Everyone loves assassins... okay maybe not everyone!

This lady was both a joy and a nightmare to paint and I think she earned her place in the portfolio. I spent a long time on her face and hair. I knew going in how I needed to do it... sort of. Okay that's a lie, I knew more about how I was going to get the stone texture behind her than I did how I was going to do her face and hair. I can take what I learned and use it later though. 

The sketches for this are an adventure of their own as they were tweaked and modified a bit as time went on. 


As you can probably see, the eyes were wonky in the sketch. So glad I fixed that problem. Digital painting is kind of great for letting you fix things like when you draw a hand too large or have the eyes skewed a bit too much.

That's all for this time. Come back in the future to see more images. It's almost time for the new promotional material to be made and I don't hesitate to say I'm excited.

Thursday, June 6, 2013


Hello to anyone actually watching this blog. I've been busy but I'm officially back and I have work to show. I was working on shoring up what I felt were some of my shortcomings and I still am. I'll be maintaining this and a second blog which is essentially an internet sketchbook called Go Figure. Seriously, go check it out sometime.

However, the skills I've been working on are meaningless if I don't use them so for the next several days I'll be sharing a few of the pieces I've finished recently. First up is one that I posted a sketch of awhile back. Remember this guy?

Definitely doesn't look like much does he? 

Well he became something. This is going to be a piece for a contest I've wanted to enter for some time now and he's ready. Here ladies and gentlemen is my Dreamwalker. 

He's all done and hopping rocks.

This was fun and I learned a lot from it but more importantly I think I got some really good practice with my anatomy drawing on this one. Also got to play in a more science fiction realm. Something I don't do often but will be doing more of. I feel like I can push that more (plus it's an excuse to read and watch some space operas and who doesn't like space operas.)


Hopefully anyone watching enjoys this. I look forward to sharing more. All of these will be up in my other internet locations soon as well though.