Sunday, September 1, 2013

Dream Diver

Hello again. This has been a good and busy couple of days for me. I finished two projects in short order and I think both turned out well enough. Also, they were in mediums I don't work with as much as I used to which was a lot of fun.

I cannot remember the last piece I did that was simple pencil and ink on paper. I really can't. I've been painting and working digitally for so long that I just hadn't done it. The sci-fi contest I'm planning on entering seemed like a good excuse. If the tech looks a bit familiar it's because this is another Dream Walker like this fellow: 

Admittedly, this guy is slightly more advanced in his tech. I felt like trying to really push the science fiction feel a bit more and there we go. 

I was originally content to leave this alone at just pencils. It would have been fine I think. But, alas I heard the siren song of the Digital Devil and so this is what the finished version looks like. 

I was much looser in some ways with this project. I'm not sure why or if the results are work going for again but it doesn't matter, it felt great to capture some of the joy of working again and not having to be quite as serious as I normally am. 

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