Friday, January 24, 2014

The Great Clock Tower

It's getting a tad dusty up here. Let me clear some cob webs.

*Dusts frantically*

With that out of the way I'm working on several things at once and have had a few bits of good luck the last few days. Which is good because I've also been dealing with another crippling bout of self loathing for my work. The good news is that it keeps me plugging away and trying. The bad news is that it's REALLY hard to do that sometimes when I compare my work to all the amazing people I see.

I got accepted to a T-shirt design critique group on Facebook and that's already helped with a few things I plan on doing in the next couple of weeks. I got asked to come in and pick up an application for a professional art job and am waiting to see if I get called in for an interview which is exciting and nerve wracking in equal measure.

For now I'd like to share an image I had to hold off on releasing. It was a commission for a friend's birthday and now I can actually post it (technically it's been a few days since I could but I'm putting it here now.

I used a slightly different process with this one. Closer to the monster image I did a while back than my usual black and white under painting because I had a good idea of the colors going into it. Even then I had to get some critiques because I kept missing stuff like lighting on the rocks and the way the water would flow. My friend loved her piece though and I love that this piece feels like an improvement (especially as I get less and less happy with my past work. 

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